Animal Communication Workshops & Classes

Are you aware that our animals speak with us all the time through body language, vocal signals, and by projecting pictures, thoughts, feelings, and emotions? Miranda’s highly interactive Animal Communication Workshops enable you to open up a clearer line of communication to interpret and understand these messages.

Introductory Evenings

“In the space of 90 minutes Miranda challenged us intellectually, emotionally, spirituality, and yet practically. Personally I came away with new insights that helped me make peace with past events. I think everyone there found something they were looking for.”

Elizabeth R.
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Introductory Evening Nov. 1, 2019 7 pm – 9 pm Santa Fe FREE Book Now

Animal Communication Level 1

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HarmoniousListening™ Nov. 2-3, 2019  10 am – 5 pm Santa Fe $250 prior to Oct. 18th
$295 after Oct. 18th
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HarmoniousListening™ To Be Announced Albuquerque, NM  $295

This introductory training supports you to develop your intuition, both internally and with animals. You will experience how to perceive more from your animal’s viewpoint, gain clarity about what they are communicating to you, and explore your mutual agreements.


Animal Communication Level 2

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Your Animal & YOU! Dec 7-8, 2019  10 am – 5 pm Santa Fe  $250 prior to Nov. 18th
$295 after Nov 18th
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A human-focused workshop for sensitive people, inspired and guided by the animals themselves. You will learn ways to expand your natural telepathic abilities, handle empathic challenges, protect yourself energetically, and deepen your spiritual commitment with your animal.


Animal Communication Workshops are open to clients, their guests and the general community. Please leave your animal companions at home, as animal teachers will be provided in the trainings.

We look forward to seeing you at a workshop soon!

Please call our office with any questions at (310) 310-0138