I sit here today writing a review on a topic that couldn’t be more out of character for me. Having spent 20+ years working in the insurance industry, I am by nature a data driven person. While I’d heard about animal Intuitives, under no circumstances would I have considered the service worthy of my time or money. May I never stop being amazed at the endless opportunities for unimaginable change that life allows us.  


By way of background, my wife of 33 years and I are the proud guardians of Oliver, a two-year-old indoor male feline named Ginger.   At about 18 months of age our loving lad “Ollie” uncharacteristically started spraying in the home with a disarmingly high degree of frequency.  We have pride of ownership in our home and to say we were devastated by this turn of events would be an understatement. Ollie had joined our family during an unusually stressful time and had demonstrated an adorably adaptive, loving character with no prior hygiene nor other undesirable behavioural issues. Under no circumstance would we abandon him.


Our first step was to consult with our naturopathic vet, whom we have the utmost respect for. It was he, having ruled out any physical cause for this unfortunate turn of events, who proposed we consult with Miranda Alcott. In a word, wow!


The technical difficulties which made face to face discussion via computer impossible, though no fault of Miranda’s, fanned the flame of my natural inclination towards subject matter skepticism and I confess to being a bit disappointed.


Once Miranda turned her attention towards Ollie, disappointment morphed into dismay. It was surreal. Miranda would speak and Ollie would respond, over and over again. This lasted well beyond the point of what might have been coincidence. At one point our boy, who had for months been increasingly antisocial and sloth like, began tearing through the house with what can only be described as youthful exuberance. Amazing!


Miranda provided compassionate counsel in a knowledgeable and engaging way. Ultimately we ended our conversation with cautious optimism about a return to Ollie’s previously perfect persona.


No, Ollie did not stop spraying immediately following our conversation with Miranda and our wishful selves were mildly disappointed; however, that disappointment was tempered by what was an immediate return to the playful, engaging and warm hearted nature of our beautiful feline friend. While there have been two subsequent spraying incidents since our call four months ago, both occurred within that same month. In hindsight, we believe each of those could reasonably be explained as parenting hiccups.


There was a brief time, at about the five-week mark, that Ollie started to withdraw a little bit again, amidst another stressful period. At this point we had yet to successfully source out the essential oils. They arrived, we used them as Miranda recommended and have never looked back. Three months later I’m confident enough to provide this testimonial. While I can in no way vouch for the industry at large, I can confidently assert that the investment we made in retaining Miranda’s expertise has paid incalculable dividends.  My family remains ever grateful and would not hesitate to call again should another fur baby crisis occur.


Cindy B. & Ollie