Don't keep guessing in the dark about what your Animal needs

Miranda’s private Animal and Human counseling practice focuses on addressing behavioral challenges, health issues, family moving or relocating, terminal illnesses, those who have crossed over deepening the relationship between you and your Animal. 

How is Animal Communication helpful?​

An appointment with Miranda can be extremely beneficial in a wide range of situations:
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VETERINARIANS: If you are an Integrative Veterinarian, please contact me at

Miranda’s counseling practice does not include locating lost animals.

As an Animal Health Intuitive, Miranda’s services are in no way intended to replace diagnosis or treatment from a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. If you have health concerns about your animal, it is best to contact your veterinarian first.

What to expect during your appointment

Inquiring first about their wants and needs, Miranda provides a “bridge” to telepathically connect with your Animal.

The communication will then focus on your questions, involving a real-time direct dialogue. This meaningful dialogue results in a rare glimpse into the mind and heart of your Animal, helping you to access their needs and the wonderful wisdom they share.

Miranda then provides support to both of you to find harmonious resolutions for the issues involved. Her services promote healing and are remarkably powerful tools.

Three easy steps to setting an appointment for your Animal and you


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Complete the emailed form and add Current pictures of your Animal


Consult by phone (or zoom if outside the continental United States)



The need to connect with your Animal in a crisis can feel overwhelming. Please remember, if you or your animal are experiencing a medical emergency, do contact your medical professional. In addition, you can schedule an emergency appointment with Miranda by clicking the corresponding Emergency “Book” button below.


A behavioral appointment offers you a chance to check in with your Animal. You may ask about any concerns you have or information you wish to convey, or simply deepen the connection between the two of you. 


Miranda is not a Veterinarian and does not diagnose. If you have health concerns, it is best to contact your Veterinarian first. After that, Miranda offers understanding of the animal’s needs, their pain levels, and can communicate what your animal would like to tell you.


This is a special appointment for those who want to connect with their beloved animals who have passed. Please be sure to include the date of their transition.

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