Linda Tellington Jones

Linda Tellington Jones is the internationally renowned creator of Tellington T-TOUCH Training. She is an Animal trainer and communicator, and author of 25 books.

“Over several decades, I have had the privilege of working with some of the best and most nationally recognized animal communicators.

“However, of all of them, no one comes close to the accuracy and in-depth usefulness I have known from Miranda Alcott. She is lovely inside and out—charming, beautifully spoken, impressive, and highly educated. Miranda is simply the most effective translator for animals I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with!”

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Cindy B. & Ollie

Having spent 20+ years working in the insurance industry, I am by nature a data driven person. While I’d heard about an animal Intuitive, under no circumstances would I have considered the service. May I never stop being amazed at the endless opportunities for unimaginable change that life allows us.

At about 18 months of age, our loving lad “Ollie” uncharacteristically started spraying in the home with a disarming frequency. It devastated us.
Once Miranda turned her attention towards Ollie, disappointment morphed into dismay. It was surreal. Miranda would speak and Ollie would respond, repeatedly. At one point, our boy, who had for months been increasingly antisocial and sloth like, began tearing through the house with youthful exuberance. Amazing!
Miranda provided compassionate counsel in a knowledgeable and engaging way. She also recommended some essential oils. They arrived, we used them as Miranda recommended and have never looked back.
The investment we made in retaining Miranda’s expertise has paid incalculable dividends. My family remains ever grateful and would not hesitate to call again should another fur baby crisis occur.

Speaking Truth
Glenda F. says: My session with Miranda and Ruby, my dog, was exactly what I needed to move forward with her. Miranda is clear, compassionate and grounded…and she tells the truth in a way that allows both Ruby and me to know what we need to do for Ruby’s happiness. Now that Miranda has given us the vision, we are working to complete it, and that is of great comfort.

Truly Amazing
Manuela A. says: Miranda was truly amazing! There were so many things in our conversation with Miranda that came to light, which normally wouldn’t have. Transforming, healing and just nothing short of amazing! Miranda, big hug and thank you from all of us! xxx

The Guidance I Needed
Tiffany E. says: My appointment with Miranda was great! She gave me the information I needed to help make the best decisions about my pet moving forward. She was honest and didn’t sugar coat anything, but was also very compassionate. She honed in on the problem immediately and was correct about everything!

Little Prince Jack
L.A. A. says: Little Prince Jack was 3 and a half years old when he passed away from Cancer. He was the most beautiful child and we loved each other deeply. I was traumatized by losing him and lost my zest for living. My session with Miranda has afforded me options to have new thoughts about Jack and his death but more importantly, his life’s purpose. My session with Miranda has been a game changer for me. I feel calm about it for the first time. Thank you Miranda. You are a blessing to many!

A New Approach to MY Life!
Veronika S. says: I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Miranda. She helped me reflect on my beloved cat’s passing, identifying my personal struggles and lingering self-doubt into valuable spiritual and psychological lessons. Everything she brought to my attention resonated as deeply truthful for me. I can now view the loving bond I had with my cat and her passing from a different perspective, which opened my eyes to the spiritual teachings we can receive in our relationships with our animals. I learned a tremendous amount about my approach to life in just one half-hour session. I can begin to heal now, and I can go forward not with grief but with humility and gratitude. There is nothing better you can ask for when you are experiencing grief about losing your beloved companion.

Amazing Perspective
Barbara J. says: I am rating this experience 5 stars for the tremendous quality and clarity of information…. I received an amazing perspective that not only answered my questions about my horse but was filled with loving truth about my own priorities. I am grateful.

Dallas My Heart
Judi C. says: It was a truly amazing heartfelt experience. I was astounded at the accuracy of information she communicated between my boy and I. My heart swelled up so big with love during our session. I was not a big believer before but know without a doubt Miranda is truly gifted and gave me hope and faith as well as set my heart at ease a bit with the information she bestowed upon me. Miranda is truly authentic and is the real deal. I adore her for helping me communicate with my lovely man Dallas.

A therapist’s therapist!
Cynthia R. says: I am a Feldenkrais® practitioner and movement specialist, and my emphasis is helping trauma survivors learn to live more peacefully in their bodies as well as their minds. I have worked with Miranda for over a year to help me continue my own healing work so that I may be more present for the people who come to me for help. Her keen insights and laser focus have helped me to continue to grow, learn and heal — I couldn’t ask for a better mentor.

Enid V. says: We are excited to have a direction for healing what ails Sandy after two vets were unable to help. The counsel provided makes much sense and is concrete and pragmatic! We will definitely continue to consult with Miranda and spread the word about her amazing gifts! She is an animal medical intuitive of the highest caliber who delivers the communication with much love and compassion! Thank you Miranda!

The Past and the Present
Pam V. says Miranda helped ease the pain of our dear dog that had transitioned and helped us connect with our new rescue dog. I feel so much lighter knowing that our dear boy is in a good place and is still with us. Miranda’s insights into the health of our new dog and her suggestions for training are invaluable. I am still trying to take it all in. It was incredibly heartwarming and I feel honored to have shared that hour with her and my dogs. She is such a special person. Thank you. Pam

My Beloved Ky Ky
Judea j. says: OMG Miranda was truly a miracle whisper to My dear Ky Ky who decided after 16 years that his body did not want to be here anymore. He said he would be here for me where ever I go after he leaves. She helped me have a wonderful closure with him as we had a chance to talk and I got his decision was to leave. I am so much in Gratitude for her giving me the chance to say good by and hear what he had to say. Miranda is absolutely wonderful and such a blessing to our animal kingdom in blessing to you all Judea

Miranda Hears the Whispers
Cheri T. says: A shy little rescue dog with a terrifying past opens his heart to Miranda and explains what physically hurts so much he can hardly bear it and how much he is afraid of what comes next. Because of Miranda we are better able to begin the work it will take to help him. We have begun our walk together … Miranda, JJ and I. We know it is the journey, not the destination, and it is always easier when you know you don’t have to make it alone. Now JJ knows.

Leaving Libby
Phyllis K. says: Fortunately for me, my 15 year old Libby is not leaving me yet; it’s me who has to be gone for a few days for my husband’s Memorial across the country. This is extremely stressful for me and such times apart are particularly hard on Libby. So I asked Miranda to prepare Libby. The session turned out to be happy. Libby said she already knew I had to go. But she knows I always come back. She remembers the place I’m going from puppyhood so is encouraged that I will be safe there. In the meantime, Libby understands that she has to help the dog sitter and protect our house. Libby did say she would be happiest when I return. So will I. Miranda will also help Libby and me to connect several times while I am gone.

Michelle R. says: Our family has been blessed and privileged to have worked with Miranda for over 10 years. My brother first introduced us when we were faced with a health crisis in our first dog; he lived almost 20 years, and even our skeptical vet became a believer! When we decided to rescue our next dog, a beautiful Great Dane named Bella, we had Miranda with us from the beginning to help us to understand what Bella needed and wanted, and to help Bella to understand that we wanted to be her forever family. Bella came to us after a really difficult life, both physically and emotionally. We weathered some really challenging initial behaviors, and several severe and scary health crises. We never could have been able to have such a great experience with a dog who became the sweetheart of the family, and we could not have known how to take good care of her without Miranda’s insight and guidance. Last night, Bella let us know through Miranda that she needed to be freed from a body that was causing her pain and distress. She let us know what she wanted, and we were able to spend time loving and caring for her, and to arrange to have her requests fulfilled. While we miss her terribly, we are so grateful to have had the chance to have her with us, and to have been able to love and care for her in the way that such a wonderful dog deserved. We could not have had the relationship we had with Bella without Miranda’s help…”how lucky I am to have had something that makes it so hard to say goodbye”.

The Best Gift EVER!!!!!
Jim R. says: I had one previous encounter with Miranda and my beloved Blue Heeler/ border collie mix Tele, who gracefully passed at 17 and a half! my friend Abby, gifted me a session with Miranda for Christmas. THE BEST GIFT EVER!!! … it really gave me needed closure, and I know my girl is still with me. thanks Abby, Miranda,+ Tele you are all amazing!

We are sleeping through the night again!
Ben & Cheri J. says: We recently had a session with Miranda to help us because our cat was meowing loudly during the night and waking us up. A quick 30-min talk between Miranda & our cat and the issue was basically fixed!! We are so grateful. Miranda is a gem! ~Ben & Cheri Jamison

Connecting with Anne
Arlene S. says: It was wonderful reconnecting with my daughter who passed last May. The appointment with Miranda answered the questions I had about the cause of her alcoholism and her untimely death and I very much appreciated that insight. Thank you Miranda. You have a wonderful gift. Arlene Shovald, Ph.D.

My heart “Sookie” taken by the Angels
Jennifer R. says: Miranda’s session with Sookie, my 3 year old beloved cat was a session that I could not have gone forward without. When Sookie was taken by the wildlife where I live, my broken heart needed closure and talking with Sookie out in the field with Miranda, helped my heart tremendously. Miranda held the heart space with love and compassion; what a gift. I am so grateful.

My Appointment with Miranda & Odie
Elisha D. says: I feel my session with you has helped Odie and I bond even more. I feel we understand each other better. He had such a shadowed past before coming to live with me in a forever home. This past week since we met has been such an eye opener for both of us. Our love is only growing. Thank you, Elisha Dixon

So Attentive!
Michael M. says: Thank you Miranda for your attentiveness and sensitivity during the reading for Shanti. It is a relief to me in knowing all that you shared. Your wide knowledge of natural foods and alternatives is also so helpful. Please know that your staff was wonderful in assisting… very professional and compassionate. Thank you…

Our Joint Appointment with Miranda and Dr. Varhus
Phyllis K. says: During the appointment, when Miranda told me what Libby said, Libby looked at me as never before, astonished? or wondering how I could listen to her? Her eyes were so big and her look sustained. By the time we returned home, Libby was incredibly eager for her dinner, which was new based on Miranda’s and Varhus’ suggestions. She gobbled it down, though she hasn’t been eating much lately. Afterwards she grabbed a toy which she has not done for months. She seemed very happy and lively. She slept very soundly all night, though I had expected a need to do her business during the night. I wish we could talk to Miranda every day. Her joint work with vets is amazing. What a gift she has.

C.B. says: As always, Miranda was very helpful in getting us to understand our dog’s health issues and how to manage his pain. She also manages our fears and expectations. Great experience!

R.M. says: Our appointment was very enlightening regarding our dog. We now have an understanding of what his needs are and are implementing the clear suggestions offered by Miranda. We are grateful for her gift of communication which was so very helpful to us.
Much appreciation to Miranda!

P.K. says: Miranda has been there for me and my dogs in the transition journey now four times. Because they could hide their pain from me, I relied on Miranda for help with those awful decisions on life and death. In the most recent case, Miranda gave me the information I needed to save my girl from unbearable pain of cancer and to die with dignity. She is there whenever I need those life and death decisions as well as for helping me understand my dogs’ point of view. My gratitude is boundless.

F.C. says: …You [Miranda] have been an amazing help… I am so grateful, and I miss him [my cat] every day so much. The session with you was really what I needed. Thank you again.

L.S. says: Miranda is just as amazing as I thought she would be! I am able to help my kitty so much more since talking to him and having her advice as well and it is greatly appreciated.

S.B. says: Miranda addressed the real issue Tiko has been having, for which I am grateful. Her kind and deep communication with Tiko, and with me, changed him in subtle ways. He mourned and he brightened after the contact. Miranda invited us to talk with her again in two weeks or so, so that she may check up on his healing. Thanks to both Miranda and Lucie for their kindness and concern.

L. L. says: I really enjoyed both of my sessions with Miranda. It was really informative, particularly with my female cat. She has been a bit of a mystery to me but with Miranda’s help, I realized I wasn’t trusting what I was picking up from her. My understanding of both cats has been enhanced and I’m very grateful.

Donna L says: Miranda immediately picked up on the behavioral issues I was having with my dog Stella. Miranda redirected my training and offered a suggestion to help alleviate some of my dog’s anxiety. Her insight and gentleness coincide with my demeanor and I love how Miranda respects the dog and their breed, and encompasses that individuality into her suggestions for addressing the behavior issues. Very grateful Miranda. Donna

Phyllis K says: Miranda spent an hour helping me contact my deceased dog, Libby. While the session reopened the wound of loss, it was also comforting to know that Libby is out of pain and intends to care for me and stay near me from where she is. Libby clarified what happened the night she died. Libby also had some good suggestions when I asked her about adopting another senior dog. The time Miranda provided to put me in touch with Libby was priceless. Now I can feel Libby’s presence without her physical body. How the mind of a dog works amazes me and I believe we all underestimate what goes on in their brains. Thank you for sharing your marvelous gift, Miranda, Phyllis

Robin J says: Miranda has a very special and precious gift. Not only does her sensitivity allow her to communicate clearly with our pets and their humans, her experience from working with respected Vets allows her to share valuable information that supports the health of our loved ones. She has been instrumental in the well-being of several of my animal companions, where the information I received from good and caring Vets was insufficient to restore health, and I recommend her highly. From our hearts to yours, with love, Robin and Buttercup

Ca M. says: Exactly what I was hoping for, communication and guidance resulting in specific practical action steps for me to help my dogs be more comfortable. Plus it was very fun. I appreciated the structure of the session and Miranda’s gentle professionalism.