Miranda Alcott, MA-CHH ~ Animal Communications Counselor

Connecting People and their Animals at a Deeper Level

Animal Communication Level 1 – HarmoniousListening™
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12-Hour, 8-Class Intensive Online Course
Enrollment $597

Learn how to answers the questions:

  • What is my animal trying to tell me?
  • What does she think about?
  • How is he feeling?
  • Does she know how much I love her?
  • What does he want me to do?
  • Have we come together for some purpose?

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Perhaps you have thought how amazing it would be if you could understand or respond to your animals’ needs in return. To be able to sense when they become sick…why they are distressed or acting out…whether they might be open to a new four-legged family member in your home. Yet most people believe that they are incapable of clearly understanding and communicating with their animals. The good news is that opening up a clearer, more direct route of communication with your animals—and yourself—is more than possible, should you choose to do so!

Harmonious Listening™ teaches you how to break into a wider spectrum of communication with your animal companion. You will learn to interpret what your animal may be teaching you, how you can help one another in your daily lives, and how to work on the ongoing growth of your relationship with your animal. Overall, you will gain better communication between all human and animal family members and be able to make clearer decisions for your companion.

This course is designed to teach and support you in the following:

  • Embracing your own intuitive nature and learning to tune into your animal intuitively and telepathically on many different levels.
  • Understanding your animal’s perspective. What does your animal think about?
  • Learning to listen to your animal effectively and respond appropriately. What is your animal trying to tell you?
  • Gaining clarity about what your animal is trying to tell you. How is your animal feeling?
  • Understanding the “whys” of your animal’s behaviors. What does your animal want you to do?
  • Interpreting messages from your animal. Your animal speaks with you all the time through body language, pictures, vocal signals, by thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
  • Enjoying a deeper connection with your beloved companions. Does your animal know how much he/she is loved?
  • Exploring your animal’s commitment to you, and yours to them. Have you come together for some purpose? 

Course Details (what you get with enrollment):

  • 8 weeks of live, Zoom instruction hosted each Wednesday at 1 PM PST (each session is 90 minutes).
  • Access to course materials via YouTube available to you through the end of 2022 so that you can view (or review) any missed material on your own time.
  • Homework assignments designed to enhance learning, strengthen your bond with your animal, and provide topics for sharing with fellow students in class.
  • Engaging course content including a combination of multimedia presentations, guided meditations, and experiential exercises.
  • One-on-one access to your instructor Miranda Alcott, MA-CHH
  • Dynamic interaction and breakout sessions with fellow students. 
Animal Communication Level 2 Your Animal and YOU!

A series of eight 90-minute classes, human & animal focused workshop for people who feel they may be a bit more sensitive than most.

More details coming soon. To inquire deeper about the course, please contact Miranda.