Miranda offers communication appointments and educational courses providing support to both Humans and Animals. 

Using multiple forms of non-verbal communication, conscious intuitive connection and keen understanding, Miranda facilitates a real-time conversation between your Animal and you.


Book a private consultation to get answers and deepen your connection with your Animal

Learn intuitive animal communication through Miranda's HarmoniousListening techniques.

Short videos from Miranda's Almost 30 interview

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Communication begins with the needs and wants of your Animal and will then focus on your questions, involving a real-time, direct dialogue between you and your animal. This meaningful dialogue results in a rare glimpse into the mind and heart of your animal, helping you to access their needs and the wonderful wisdom they share.


Chances are you have been communicating with your Animal right from the start of your relationship. You notice body language, tone and sound, excitement level and much more you never think about. There are many reasons to expand your intuitive abilities for the sake of your Animal, and just as many for your evolution and satisfaction.

Time Apart Can Be a Challenge

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