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Animal Communication Level 2
Your Animal and YOU!

(Prerequisite: Must have completed
Animal Communication Level 1)

Level 2 Animal Communication is a two-day, human-focused workshop for people who feel they may be more openly sensitive than most. Are you highly aware of communications in everyday surroundings? If people around you have told you that you are “SO sensitive,” then this class is for YOU! This advanced workshop was originally suggested by the animals themselves, who will guide us throughout the weekend. Our animals already use telepathy with us and consider it a normal method of communication. They want to encourage us, their human companions, to start using telepathy more often, attune to our inner knowing on a daily basis, and trust our intuitive connection, (our true sixth sense), which we are ALL capable of.

Telepathy is not a gift bestowed on only certain people. Neuroscientific research has proven that intuition skills were actually hard-wired into the human brains as a survival mechanism, long before we mastered left-brain intellectual abilities or right-brain creativity.

Building upon the foundation of the Level 1 weekend, you will be using numerous techniques to expand your awareness, increase your intuitive abilities, and enhance communications with your animal and others. Throughout these two days, you’ll receive practical tools to focus your energy and develop higher levels of empathic understanding, while exploring how your energy can, and does, affect those animals who live by your side.

The Level 2 Workshop will assist you to:

  • Deepen your mutual commitment with your animal by addressing any shared goals and Spiritual dimensions that arose in Level 1.
  • Expand internal consciousness and outward perception as a multi-dimensional being, by keeping a daily Awareness Journal.
  • Stretch your Intuition Muscles through direct communication with your own
    animal (remotely) and those present in the class.
  • Rely more on non-verbal communication while maintaining clear boundaries and making conscious decisions about what to allow into your awareness.
  • Gain and practice coping strategies to clear sensory input and handle empathic physical and emotional challenges, such as dealing with negative people, watching the news, etc.
  • Learn and practice effective techniques for clearing, self-protection, and releasing agreements.
  • Release past agreements and develop an ongoing communication regimen with your animal, following their loving guidance and enthusiasm, for the highest good!

Day 1 – Owning Your Intuitive Skills

Identifying your spiritual agreement with your animal is a preliminary step to deeper healing for you both. But how do you actually implement actions that will keep you learning together and supporting each other’s growth and healing? This class was inspired by animals themselves, who want us to understand more about our own intuitive skills, which are available to every one of us. Day 1 explores how we can begin to rely upon our innate intuitive abilities; trust what we hear or sense inside about ourselves, animals, and others; and integrate more awareness in every part of our lives, while maintaining clear boundaries in regard to non-verbal communications.

Day 2 – Empathy and Energy Strategies

The quality of empathy is characteristic of many individuals who are strongly attuned to animals. That’s why on Day 2 we teach human-focused skills for those who feel they may be super sensitive to their surroundings. Perhaps even more so than other people.

As you develop higher levels of empathy, you may experience more intense emotions and chronic exhaustion that are often associated with such sensitivity, without knowing why. Learning to manage the emotional electro-magnetic build-ups that occur in your daily life is important for your health, well-being, and human/animal relationships. We will discuss coping strategies and share workable tools—such as instant clearing and location assessment. Being strongly affected by your mood fluctuations, with the assistance of your animal, you will gain awareness of how to work with your energy and profound awarenesses.


Level 2

  • December 2-3, 2017 (Saturday-Sunday 10am-5.30pm)
    Albuquerque, NM