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Animal Communication Level 1 – HarmoniousListening™

Do You Ever Wish You Could Get Inside Your Animal’s Mind?

What is my animal trying to tell me?
What does she think about?
How is he feeling?
Does she know how much I love her?
What does he want me to do?
Have we come together for some purpose?

Our animal companions bring untold blessings of devotion, loyalty and unconditional love into our lives. They share exuberantly in our day-to-day joys and instinctively comfort us when we are feeling down or ill.

Perhaps you have thought how amazing it would be if you could understand or respond to your animals’ needs in return. To be able to sense when they become sick…why they are distressed or acting but…whether they might be open to a new four-legged family member in your home.

Yet most people believe that they are incapable of clearly understanding and communicating with their animals. During intuitive counseling appointments, many clients have shared their frustrations about missing out on that vital connection to their beloved companions.

However, I am here to tell you that…

YES!  you CAN learn to listen to your animal!

The good news is that opening up a clearer, more direct route of communication with your animals—and yourself—is more than possible, should you choose to do so!

I’m Miranda Alcott, a pioneering Animal Communication Counselor, Animal Medical Intuitive (AMI), and creator of HarmoniousListeningTM approach. In my 30+ years of experience, I have worked with thousands of clients—both human and animal—by tuning in telepathically, and intuitively to many different levels of communication. The receptivity we all have, acts as a bridge to connect us with our animals and each other, to help facilitate a natural, peaceful solution for health, home, or family issues.

I have worked for years to develop my own inner “bandwidth,” but please know that we are ALL naturally intuitive! These Animal Communication Workshops were created so that you can learn some of the innovative communication techniques I’ve found to be very valuable with anyone who wants to listen and connect to their animals at a deeper level.

Your animal speaks with you all the time through body language, vocal signals, and by projecting pictures, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. You can learn to better interpret and understand these messages by participating in these upcoming workshops!

In this fun, interactive weekend workshop, you will develop an awareness of how to understand your animal’s communication, while opening and enhancing alternative channels of communication through a combination of multimedia presentations, demonstrations, guided meditations, and experiential exercises.*

This 2-Part training is designed to support you to:

  • Embrace your own intuitive nature
  • Understand more of your animal’s perspective
  • Enjoy a deeper connection with your beloved companions
  • Gain clarity about what your animal is trying to tell you.
  • Explore your animal’s commitment to you, and yours to them.

Part A is a 1- Day Workshop and focuses on learning the beginning levels of using the HarmoniousListeningTM approach to establish a wider spectrum of communication with your animal companion.

Part B is a 1- Day Workshop in which we will consider how your animal may be teaching you and what possible agreements you may have made to assist each other in your daily lives and the ongong development of your relationship with your animal.

* There is no need for you to physically bring your animal companion. Animal Teachers will be provided both days.

Enhance your Relationship with Your Animal

Past participants have been universally delighted with how substantially their relationship with the animals in their lives improved after attending these workshops or conferences. Based upon their example, some of the benefits you may experience include:

  • Learning to listen effectively and respond to your animal
  • Understanding the “why’s” of your animal’s behaviors
  • Ability to make clearer decisions about your companion
  • Better communication between all human & animal family members

According to followup evaluations from these two workshops, 100% of participants said that they:

  • Walked away with information and techniques they could use
  • Were looking forward to attending the Level 2 workshop
  • Would highly recommend this class to their friends

The Animal Communication Workshops are open to clients, the USM community and the public.